Dana's Slice of Welcome to the Doobie Parlour

As any Eddie Izzard fan worth their salt will have gathered, yes, my default way of singing the 12 Days of Christmas is a la his bit in Dressed to Kill. WHICH I CANNOT FIND ONLINE ANYWHERE TO SHOW YOU. This displeases me. Also, I loaned my DVD of Dressed to Kill to someone who never gave it back somewhere around 2006, and it’s not streaming anywhere, and dammit, I’m gonna need to buy another copy, aren’t I?

I have still never seen Riverdale.

HEY! Wanna make a gluten-free vegan chocolate layer cake like I did? Here are the recipes I used! Again, Texan Erin had the cake recipe hookup, and I’m not sure what recipe I actually used for the frosting, but it was something very simple and in this realm (only I used almond milk instead of soy).

Gluten hands are not a real condition.

Also, bad news…

Screen Shot 2019-06-05 at 8.18.58 PM.png

Also, if you’re wondering what the bars are that really pissed me off, they may rhyme with Sasso Mack Studies.

(“Learn how to hit on women from one of the stars of FOX’s 90s hit, MADtv — it’s Sasso Mack Studies!”)

Sasso Mack Studies are also not a thing.

I still have no plans to hold a dinner party. I was just looking at a cookbook though and thinking how good certain recipes would be for a dinner party. But no current plans.

And for the last time: Chocolate and seltzer are not a thing.