Dana's Slice of Breathe Thru the Mess

If you too have issues with maintaining your cast iron, here’s a nice li’l primer via The Kitchn!

Wondering about the kebabs I was making? You should — they were great! Here’s my blog about ‘em: Beef, Onion & Tomato Kebabs + Fried Aubergine Salad + Cauliflower & Olive Salad from A Month in Marrakesh: Recipes from the Heart of Morocco

The really good vegan cheese & yogurt purveyor in Los Angeles? (Not the one we tasted.) Here it is: Blöde Kuh

I would like to report that at this moment, there are ZERO DIRTY DISHES IN MY SINK. I’m at the dish equivalent of inbox zero. I’m at sink zero. It will probably last a couple hours.

#TBT time — remember 2gether? Here’s a song by a fake band! Ahhh, the 90s…

I also want to re-apologize to Brandi for being a dick about the pronunciation of sherbet.