Brandi's Slice of Foodie FOMO

I was running on a few hours sleep, white rice and coffee. ‘the hell you say? Yes ma’am, white rice and coffee.

A few days prior to recording, I found out my upcoming SIBO test to makes sure my Gut Squadron leader hasn’t popped a few silly pills, required me to not only eat a super limited diet for 12 hours… but also fast for 12 hours. So when Dana came over, I was already having silent conversations of YES THIS IS WEIRD AND I’M KINDA HUNGRY and STOP! NO YOU’RE NOT, BUT YES I AM and THAT’S OK JUST BE COOL CUZ IT’S WORTH THIS. shut up k lunch is soon… but in that voice only you hear because all other sounds seem distant while you rationalize this feeling.

As Dana thoughtfully laid out her top 5 tips for encouraging anyone they can be a badass baker! I remember feeling hungry, looking at the chili crisp popcorn and physically restraining my instinct to grab a couple of nuggets, toss ‘em in off mic and savor the fucking moment. Did TAHT once or twice that day before catching myself. But also fortunate AF to have food.

Here’s where I didn’t get to:

  • When I asked Dana whether savory holidays exist I was obviously celebrating National White Rice Day. what a maroon…

  • Oreo’s. Oreo’s are one of those treats that on the right day, I’d easily dunk & munch 7 of them. They’re also a non-vegans cookie dream when they excitedly tell you how vegan they are. LOL I laugh only because it’s sweet, but also it’s a universally known cookie that just happens to not have any official animal products. PRO MOVE Heat your toaster oven to 350° and pop in some cookies for 3-4 minutes. Send $1 in appreciation to me.

  • You may be wondering what my seasonal treat is and my answer comes to you in life flavors. Conversation hearts; Peeps; Candy corn; Reese’s Bats (but now I make my own mutha’ fuckin’ badass copycat Reese’s and I control the chocolate to peanut butter ratio.) NOTE It’s possible my router is permanently unable to provide a single answer when asked this type of question because I’m no good at it.